Certifiwatch is the European authority that registers, certifies, assesses and valuates (neo)vintage watches. By doing so, we aim to provide transparency and trust in the world of vintage watches.

We offer:

- Validation of Ownership
- Report theft
- Assessment and Evaluation Report (Taxation)
- Mark your watch available for sale
- Non commercial fees (Certifiwatch is a non-profit initiative)

  • Public information

    Certifiwatch registers information and data of (vintage) watches that is available for public reference.

    Every registered watch receives a unique registration number that people can use for reference and finding the watch in our database.

  • Non-Public information

    Certifiwatch registers information and data on (vintage) watches in its internal database only (e.g. serial numbers, identity of the verified owner).

    By doing so, Certifiwatch can act as an intermediaire for several validation requests with regard to a specific watch.

  • The owner of the watch

    The owner (registrar) of a watch can decide which services are open for validation with regard to his/her watch and/or his/her identity, and to whom.

    Services a.o. include registration of theft, verify ownership of a watch, change ownership of the watch, assessment and valuation of the watch.

Find your watch in the Certifiwatch Database

Watch registration numbers start with 'CF-' which must be included in your search entry

  • You can your Certificate by registering your vintage watch at Certifiwatch. In the registration process we capture specific information regarding the watch and include the watch in our database for future reference.

  • Certifiwatch offers a watch assesment and evaluation service.
    An in depth report of the status and market value of your watch will be concluded by experts in the field after an independent double blind review.

  • Search our registered vintage watch database.