About Certifiwatch

Who we are

Certifiwatch is a non profit initiative of GrowX B.V. (registered under Chamber of Commerce number: 83749446, the Netherlands). GrowX has been founded with support of it's shareholder LIOF, the subsidy and investment fund of the Provincial Government of Limburg, the Netherlands.

With Certifiwatch we aim to provide a platform that supports quality and transparency for individuals and organisations who are active (or show interest) in the world of vintage watches.

GrowX is the independent developer of this platform, and cooperates with recognized experts in the area of vintage watches.

Our Mission

The vintage watch industry is an exciting but complex industry, given the very specific expertise that is required to evaluate and assess vintage watches. The mission of Certifiwatch is to enhance quality, transparancy and trust in the domain of vintage watch trade.

What We Offer

Certifiwatch's services are:

1. Watch Registration and Certification

Registering watches and their detailed information including verifying the ownership of these watches. This results in Certifiwatch issuing a Certificate of this watch, and endorsing it in its database. 

Certifiwatch therewith acts as a future reference for e.g.:

  • reporting theft of the watch by its verified owner
  • potential buyers of a watch can request verification that a seller is the actual registered owner. (Please note that Certifiwatch will never share information without the owner's permission). 
  • new owners can request to become registered as the current owner of a watch that is already registered in the Certifiwatch database.
  • the issued Certificate is a good representation of the watch and its specifics at the date of issuing, and can be used as a validation as such at the moment the watch passes to a new owner.

2. Watch Assessment & Valuation

Registrars at Certifiwatch can request Certifiwatch to undertake an in depth Assessment & Valuation of his/her registered watch. Provided that 1) the Certifiwatch experts have sufficient experience with regard to the specific watch, Certifiwatch accepts the assignment, resulting in an extensive Assessment & Valuation Report.

The Assessment procedure is identical to common academic practice: a double blind review procedure. This means that only the assigned coordinator knows the identity of the two experts that independently from each other assess the watch. 

Optionally the report can be provided in printed format to the owner.

Services Fees

Given that Certifiwatch is founded as a non profit initiative, it offers its services against non-commercial administrative fees.

Registration of a watch resulting in a Certificate: EUR 55,-
Registration of a change of ownership for a watch in the Certifiwatch database: EUR 35,-
Assessment & Valuation Report: EUR 345,-