Registration and Valuation explained


If you register a watch at Certifiwatch, you submit relevant information and data of the watch through our online registration form.

After submitting this information, Certifiwatch checks if the watch is eligible for registration on our platform.

If the watch is eligible for registration, a Certificate is issued for the watch, and the watch gets published in our database and receives a unique certification number. Now, this registration number (and the Certificate) can be used for future reference, for example to report theft of the watch, or to have a potential buyer of this watch check with Certifiwatch if the seller is the actual owner of the watch.

(Important: Certifiwatch will never publish serial numbers on its website, but uses the serial numbers as an important part of its assessment for eligibility.)

Please note that registration at Certifiwatch and issuing a Certificate includes a check on authenticity, but does not include an in depth assessment of the status/quality of the watch and its current market value.

Assessment & Valuation:

The Assessment & Valuation service entails that experts with specific expertise with regard to your watch, assess your watch on its 1) authenticity 2) quality and current market value. As a result, you will receive an official in depth assessment report including the estimated market value at date. 

The Assessment procedure is identical to common academic practice: a double blind review procedure. This means that only the assigned coordinator knows the identity of the two experts that independently from each other assess the watch. 

Assessment can take place based on digital information, meaning that it not strictly required to send the watch physically to Certifiwatch. However, the expert will request specific information and high quality (close up) pictures in order to undertake the assessment. These pictures will become an integral part of the final assessment report.